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Our Favorite Nashville Eats

January 29, 2017

Our Favorite Nashville Eats

Whether you're a local, live on the out skirts, or plan on visiting Nashville in the future -- we thought you might like to know some of our favorite local joints to hit up on the daily basis.

Disclaimer: There are INDEED other restaurants that could debatably have 'better' food, or could have won awards based on what kind of food they cook best...

These restaurants just happen to be relative to where we work and live so they tend to be places that are close to home and that we frequently visit!

Laci: Lives in West Nashville

Laci has several places she likes to toggle back and forth from! But these four definitely are her top picks! 

Taziki's - the best and freshest Mediterranean food! Also -- their employee's are always so fun and interactive.

Jack Brown's Beer & Burger Joint - Seriously, if you order off of the kids menu -- you can get an entire meal for $8 here. SO DELISH.

Cinco De Mayo - Sometimes you just need a little hole in the wall place to get margarita specials and eat your weight in chips and salsa... that would be this place!

Edley's BBQ - Some of the best pulled pork and spicy cornbread you've ever known! That mac N' cheese though... Can we get an, "Amen!"

She says that you can always find a meal for $10 or less at ALL of these locations! SCORE!


Katie: Lives in North Nashville

Much like Laci -- I like a good deal when I eat out! A lot of my favorites stem from me previously living in East Nashville -- a 5 min drive from downtown.

About a month ago my husband and I moved to North Nashville (a 25 min drive from downtown), though we love it, we SO miss all of our favorite restaurants. Luckily most of our friends live in East Side still, so I save my cravings for all of these places until we hang out with them!

Rose Pepper - Famous for all of their glorious puns and funny quotes before you enter -- and also voted best Margarita's by Nashville Scene Magazine! I never leave this place hungry. 

I often leave hating myself... but in the very best way.

Drifters BBQ - where my hubby and I play Trivia every Monday night! -- Yes. Every Monday! Amazing pulled pork and they always have my favorite french fries... crunchy.

Thai Phooket - It reads a little vulgar, I know. But if you're  a lover of Pad Thai -- this is your jam. ALL DAY! -- they always give me extra peanuts! Yahhhzzz.


Brittney: Lives on West End

Three Brothers Coffee - A convenient walk downstairs from Brittney and her husbands condo -- the best bagels and coffee and lots of good vibes to be had!

Las Palma's - If you're looking for a hole in the wall spot with the most authentic Mexican food -- you must go here! 

There you have it! Just a handful of our personal favorites! There's no doubt something for everyone in Nashville! Hopefully this takes the guesswork out of some of the places you've wanted to try but haven't got around to!

Or if you're visiting -- you have a local inside scoop to some of the very best!

- xoxo babes


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