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Office Talk

February 02, 2017

Office Talk

Don't ask me why -- because we never know. However, for some strange reason, the topic of conversation made its way into talking about the strange things we have all done in the shower at one time or another.

Don't be a pervert.

These are things that stray away from the "norm," okay...

Normal things would be -- sticking your hair to the wall, singing into your shampoo bottle, etc. As it turns out we are a pretty unusual bunch.

After a lot of laughter and judgement, we decided that we should share some of our strange tendencies with all of you!

  • Falling asleep while in a sitting position
  • Eating a slice of pizza, beef jerky and candy
  • Leaving your phone on speaker during a convo -- girls gotta get stuff done
  • Taking multiple shots of tequila, drinking wine or coffee
  • Writing messages on the glass of the shower door -- sometimes obscene drawings...
  • Showering your pets with you. Both cats & dogs -- why not, you're going to get drenched either way
  • Taking oxi-clean or soft scrub bleach into the shower with you so that when you're finished -- you can scrub it down nice and clean without staining your clothes 

There you have it. We're freaks.

Hope your Thursday is treating you more than satisfactory babes! How pumped are we that tomorrow is Friday!? -- BEYOND PUMPED!

- xoxo


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