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November 17, 2016


It's no secret that the times have changed. Here at The Rage, we're aren't just super "up there" in our years, but we've been around long enough to see significant events that have changed our lives as we know it. Some good, some bad, some inspiring. Within in the last 15 years.... {not in any specific order} 

  • Facebook was created.

  • Gay marriage is now legal. 

  • Hurricane Katrina wiped out several cities and became of the most costliest and deadly hurricanes in the United States.

  • Our first African American President was elected. 

  • The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, passed away in 2009. RIP Michael Jackson, you will forever be remembered. Through your music, and your legacy. 

  • In 2001, the Twin Towers were tragically attacked, along with the Pentagon, and another plane crashed in a field in rural Pennsylvania. That day thousands of loved ones were lost.

  • War was declared on Iraq.

  • Reality television takes over.

  • iTune was created, and introduced and took over the music industry.

  • Saddam Hussein was captured and sentenced to death.

  • US Airways Flight crashed into the Hudson River. Captain Sully safely landed the plane on water and saved every life on board the aircraft that day. 

These aren't the only events that have happened the past decade and a half. There's far more. These events alone are proof that we've seen growth, regression, progression, tragedy, hate, love, and miracles. Together. Together we saw, watched, and experienced all of this. Together we stand, and should always stand.

There's more compassion and love in the world than the media shows us these days. There's hate all over the media, but where is the love? 

Thanksgiving Day is one week from today. Some will celebrate, some will not. Thanksgiving used to be portrayed as just a day that you would spend with your closest family. Last year, 'Friendsgivings' were named our cultures newest trend. What is a 'Friendsgiving', you ask? A 'Friendsgiving' is a celebration with all of your closest family AND friends. Or, just friends if you can't make it home to your immediately family. In some cases, friends may be all we have. Everyone gathered in one place, together. Laughing. Eating. Drinking, if you wish. And most importantly loving + accepting them just as they are. Change is definitely hard. So, getting away from the "traditional" Thanksgiving feast with JUST family may be a little bit difficult, and you most certainly don't have to. You may be surprised how much you affect someone by simply inviting them into your home, and including them. Below is a link to help you throw your very own 'Friendsgiving.' Have a little laugh while you scroll, but take notes! They're great tips!

Break your normal this Holiday season, and love on the people around you. After all, how many bad things happened out of love?

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