Flirting With Spring

January 26, 2017

Flirting With Spring

So it's finally nearing the end of January! We've all noticed it right...? For real, though - how does that happen? Like one day it's Christmas, and then the next it's almost February. Woah. 

The sun is staying up a little longer each day. It's actually out even when you get off work. Nice, eh? We have more energy in the evenings because you're not tricked into being tired at 8PM. *Eye roll*

Although, for some of us.... the worst cold weather has yet to come. Depending on where you live, I supposed. For us here in Nashville, it's gonna get worse before it gets better! 

How many days left until Spring!? And we can tell you -- exactly 53 days. That's less than 2 months. March 20th couldn't get here soon enough!

So since Spring is basically around the corner (you can say that now...) -- we can't help but get PUMPED on all of the fun, bold prints we have coming your way. In fact, some of them are already making their way into our New Arrivals collection already!

Our current favorite in our, 'Flirting In Floral Off The Shoulder Top!' It has the most adorable ties at the end of each sleeve making a knotted bow!

Keep your eyes peeled as we get you geared up ahead of the game for your Spring head to toe looks!

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