Benefits Of Using Coconut For Skin & Hair

January 16, 2017

Benefits Of Using Coconut For Skin & Hair

There are about a BILLION uses for coconut oil of course! A lot of which are used for health purposes! We wanted to specifically touch on ways that we've used coconut oil personally to improve on our skin and hair!

If you're like us -- this winter air has your skin feeling all kinds of gross! Seriously. I could legit compare my legs to snake skin and my arms to that of an alligator. I have personally always struggled with dry skin that usually goes away in the summer with a little vitamin D. But in the Winter, you and I both know there is NONE to be had. SO! A handful of us at The Rage have fallen in love with using coconut oil for... just about everything now.

This is a very generic brand that you can find almost anywhere! I have been using this specific coconut oil for years now. On my hair and body, and have had wonderful results! I either find mine at Walmart or Kroger!


After showering is when I notice my skin being the most vulnerable, and in desperate need of some moisturizing. If I tend to wait even 10 minutes, the dry skin starts to show its ugly face. Therefore, I start putting it on as soon as I am dried off. 

1. The scoopty-scoop - Use your index, middle, and ring finger to scoop into the container -- just grab about a quarter size to start off with. Use your own body heat to "melt" the coconut oil. It melts super, super fast! Once it's melted, or soft enough to spread... have at it girl. Start rubbing it in! Everywhere! Legs, arms, stomach, face....everywhere! 

2. Leave it all dayYes. ALL DAY! It's fabulous, and you'll love it!

I notice a HUGE difference in the softness of my skin and especially in my face! I feel as though my face belonged to an infant in a past life... But trust me on this one. 


Get ready, because you will be made fun of. Why you ask? Because you'll be sleeping with a night cap on and looking like Pillsbury Dough Boy OR a senile elderly woman. Either way.. this totally works and it's worth it. Who cares if you're judged... you'll have the best hair in town.

1. Get yourself a cute-sie night cap - make sure it is lined on the inside (that way the coconut oil doesn't seep out while you sleep!)

2. The most important part - get the oil all over the ends of your hair. I personally put this on from root to tip, because.... why not! Again you'll want to use the same palm heating method for your oil, as heating the oil up in the microwave could damage your hair. Put that cap on once you've covered as much of your hair as you wish!

3. Close your little eye balls count those sheep! When you wake-up in the morning you'll wash the oil out with your other regular shower duties. I suggest shampooing twice. If you have thicker hair -- maybe three times. I use a shampoo that has NO sulfate in it. This will protect your hair of stripping the oils that we've just put in it!

4. You done girl! - I only do this about once a month! However, there would be no harm in doing this once or twice a week if you wanted to!

Believe me when I say we could go on and on about all of the major benefits from using Coconut oil -- but these were just a couple of our personal favorites!

'Til next time, babes!

- xoxo


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