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4 Reasons To Shop The Rage

March 01, 2017

4 Reasons To Shop The Rage

Let's face it. You have a zillion options to choose from when buying clothes. You aren't hurting our feelings, we know it. 

If you type in "Women's Boutiques" on google, the list of retailers selling women's clothing - age ranges 18-40 is INSANE. Pages, and pages, and pages of stores. 

You don't have to feel bad about ordering from somewhere else, truth is - we don't ONLY shop at The Rage. It's nice to reach out and explore some other options. 

With that said, we feel like we have a few exponential reasons why you should shop with us instead of going else where. 

Family - Despite large department stores, we have a small family feel for staffing. At all times we have a staff from in between 6-8. Sometimes more. Sometimes less. No lie, we operated on 3 people at one time. It was very very difficult... but we did it. This means, when you get responses from us, your Rage Family - you'll be speaking with potentially the same person every time, OR - you could say "Could I speak with Katie?" And, we'll hand you right over to Katie. You could potentially get a response from our Owner, Laci. She's just as involved as the rest of us. This allows you to form relationships with us, trust us, grow with us, and increase your shopping experience by like 200%. 

Free shipping - This may not impress you that much, because it seems a lot of stores offer free shipping. But, it's not something to push the way side. Shipping adds up! Not having to pay an additional $6.99-$20 (depending on how large your package is) is a big deal! $6.99 will buy me a hefty latte at Starbucks! 

Same Day Shipping - Let's say you place your order at 9AM on a NON-Holiday or Sale week. Typically your order will ship THAT DAY. Yes, thats right. The same day you place your order, it will probably ship. Orders placed AFTER 1-2PM are subject to ship the next day. Weekend orders will ship the next business day. Let's pretend you're in bed shopping at 11PM on a Monday night, (non-holiday or sale day/week) you place a order, the next morning your order is sure to ship! (fist bump) SO. Not only do you get FREE SHIPPING, you get FREAKING FAST shipping.

Prices - Just take a quick scroll on our site, and check out the prices. It's RARE To see something over $100. Maybe footwear, or the occasional handbag. When I get on a site, and everything is between $80-$200 - I'm out. Sorry, but it completely takes the fun out of shopping. Therefore, we won't do it to you. All clothing (depending on the brand) is going to be anywhere from $20-$60. Majority of our clothing ranging from $20-$70. Again, this all depends on the brand! Regardless, we try as hard as we can to offer you a variety of good quality clothing at a price that doesn't make you want to choke! 

The above points totally speak for themselves. Don't delay. Get some of the hottest spring styles, for a great price + free shipping ++ SAME DAY SHIPPING. (double fist bump) 

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Lori - Rage Girl

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