3 Things We All Do In Our Car

January 08, 2017

3 Things We All Do In Our Car

Real talk -- We all know that there are a handful of things that we ALL do in the car on a daily basis that we shouldn't be doing...

Now, these things vary depending on whether or not you have passengers in the car. Let's be real, we can't possibly let them know how careless we can truly be when we're in the "privacy" of our own cars. 

1. Doing Your Make-up While You're Driving:

I'll be the first to admit that this is a TERRIBLE, awful thing to do. Why do we do it, you ask? When you're running hella late to that dinner date with the hot guy you've been waiting ALL week for... you convince yourself that your entire life's happiness is wrapped up in whether or not you have mascara on. What can we take from this? Life lesson: If you don't want to be alone with 27 cats... do your mascara while you drive. (And always keep one hand on the wheel, and at least one eye on the road.)  

2. Reach For Something In Your Back Seat:

We've all seen the memes cycling with Kermit The Frog and there's a good side of Kermit telling him to not do something and then there's the "dark side of Kermit" telling him he should. This is the closest thing that comes to mind when you NEED something from your bag in the back seat -- 

Me: "It's okay, I know you forgot to brush your teeth this morning, but you can pop some gum in later. We're only 5 miles away."

Also Me: "Reach into your back seat and get that piece of Orbit your mouth so you have the freshest of breath."

Legit scenario. Completely legit.

3. Checking Your Nose For Unwanted Objects:

Yes, objects.

You know, the nice way of saying 'boogers.' But now that we've come this far we can say boogers. You + the open road + tinted windows = The Perfect Booger Picking Recipe. We like to call this "Thinkin' & Pickin' Time -- Just for the love of God, have a decent place to put the perpetrator once it's been retrieved. 

If not, you WILL be judged. Shamefully judged. 

On a serious note, be safe people. If you can put your mascara on BEFORE getting in the car, we do recommend that. As well as having your gum + kleenex for your boogies in reach. :)

 - xoxo
The Rage

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